Queensland Nomination for Subclass 491 Skilled Regional Work

Good opportunities for applicants from other states and offshore as it is possible to apply without employment offer and no work experience from Queensland. More details here

There are three lists:

  1. Onshore: currently living in Queensland
  • for migrants who are currently living and working in Queensland in their skilled occupation (or closely related), and have an occupation that has been identified as a shortage in Queensland. They also need to show that they have lived and worked full-time in the nominated occupation in regional QLD for at least three months, and an offer of ongoing employment for the next 12 months.
  1. Offshore: currently living outside Australia
  • You must have an occupation on the QSOL ‘Offshore’ list, evidence that you have a minimum of 2 years post-qualification work experience
  1. Alumni – Queensland graduates
  • Must have Master’s or PhD Alumni of a Queensland University. Graduates need to show that they completed their Degree at a QLD-based institution. Masters graduates must provide evidence of full-time employment with a QLD employer and a job offer for ongoing employment. PhD graduates are not generally required to provide evidence of a job offer.

          QLD may also nominate small business owners. You will need to show that you have purchased and been operating            an                    existing business in regional QLD, and that you have prior experience or the qualifications necessary to successfully run the                      business

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