Has your visa been canceled?

Have you been refused a visa application?

Has your Visa Application been refused? Has your Visa been cancelled? You may be eligible for an appeal the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Give us a call URGENTLY. Strict time limits APPLY. FREE INITIAL PHONE CONSULTATION (fill the inquiry form and we’ll call you)

When you are notified of a decision to refuse to grant or to cancel a visa, you will also be advised as to whether you may seek a review of the decision made. The review will be a review of the merits of the decision. The job of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is to analyze negative decisions made by the Department of Immigration – and the tribunal can reconsider not only the evidence provided with the application, but also new evidence, so they can make a fresh determination arriving at the correct decision based on the merits of the case. In other words, these Tribunals are not restricted to looking at whether the initial decision complied with the legal rules applying to how the decision is to be made. They can make a decision on the evidence which they consider relevant.


Has your Immigration Appeal to the Tribunal been refused? The Minister of Immigration has a special power to intervene in your case. We can advise and help you prepare an application for Ministerial Intervention. FREE INITIAL PHONE CONSULTATION

The Minister for Immigration has the discretion to substitute a more favorable decision for that made by the AAT.
The Minister may consider letting a person stay in Australia if their claims are based on unique or exceptional circumstances. More often than not the Minister refuses to let people stay in Australia so an applicant needs to get expert advice and representation to maximize their chances of success.

If your review is unsuccessful, and you still believe Immigration is wrong, it may be possible to seek a review of that decision by the Federal Court. The review by the Court is not a review of the merits of the decision. This is only if the tribunal has made a mistake in applying the law in the decision-making process

We will advise you in relation to the various visa options best suited to you and also prepare your visa plan to remain lawfully in Australia

Assistance with visa refusal or cancellation

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