Skills Assessment

People who get their qualifications overseas are required to provide evidence that their skills have been assessed as suitable for the nominated occupation by the relevant assessing authority. This process is known as Skills Assessment. In some cases the applicant’s English language level and registration in Australia are required, along with applicant’s qualifications and work experience. A skills assessment is only valid until the expiry date specified on the assessment, or when a period of three years from the date of issue has elapsed, whichever occurs first.

Some assessing authorities issue a provisional for subclass 485 skills assessment for recent graduates of Australian educational institutions applying for a subclass 485 visa. The primary difference is that a subclass 485 skills assessment does not require employment in the applicant's occupation at the skilled level unlike a full or permanent skills assessment. A suitable provisional skills assessment issued for subclass 485 is not a suitable skills assessment for a permanent residency or a temporary working visa.

There are many assessing authorities. For doctors, evidence of full registration is a suitable skills assessment for Points Tested Skilled Migration like the following certificates issued by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency:

  • Full unconditional general medical registration
  • Conditional specialist registration - this registration allows you to practice only in your particular specialty, with no further training or supervision requirements.

For solicitors, evidence of admission to practice as a lawyer in the relevant Sate/Territory is a suitable skills assessment.
We assist regularly qualified workers with skills assessment applications so we can help you too prepare your prepare and lodge your application and also liaise with the skill assessing authority until a decision is made. We offer a low fixed fee for applications to TRA, Vetassess, ACS, EA, ANMC, CPA, NIA, AMSA, AASW. Our fee is $980. Fees for other assessing authorities will be quoted on request


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