The process of inviting the applicants through Skill Select has been abolished Instead there are new minimum eligibility criteria which are as follows:

– A minimum score in the relevant points test of 80 will is required – Sc188 business innovation applicants must agree to employ at least one full time employee in their main business – Applicants conducting the proposed business in export activity must demonstrate that the business will export Victorian manufactured products only – Applicants in the Investor Stream must agree to make a minimum additional investment of at least A$500,000 in Victoria during the provisional visa period. The investment must be held for no less than 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) Investor Stream nomination application – All investor streams applicants will be required to have A$200,000 available for settlement purposes You can visit to view current visa requirements and assess eligibility for nomination or contact the Skilled and Business Migration Program team on Source: The 80 points requirement is a tough one but at least the applicants now know what to expect – this is better than the previous system of inviting the high points scoring applicants without indicating the minimum

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