On 23 May 2023, Australia and India entered into a Migration and Mobility Partnership
Arrangement (MMPA). The MMPA is a bilateral framework that supports and promotes two-way
migration and mobility between our two countries while addressing issues pertaining to illegal and
irregular migration.
The Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme or ‘MATES’ is a new scheme,
established under the MMPA, to enable the temporary mobility of Indian university graduates and
early career professionals. MATES aims to encourage mutually-beneficial skills and knowledge
transfer between Australia and India.
Who is eligible?
MATES will be open to Indian nationals who:
 are aged 30 or younger (inclusive) at the time of application;
 have not previously participated in MATES;
 have proficient English language skills (overall IELTS or equivalent score of at least 6, with
a minimum score of 5 for each of the four parts);
 have graduated within 2 years from an eligible educational institution at the time of
application; and
 hold a qualification (Bachelor’s degree or higher) in one of the following:

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