About Us

Established in 2003 Australia Bound Migration is a well respected, boutique migration practice.

All cases are handled by the principal Andrzej Kurowski. He has been active for over 13 years’ as a MARA registered agent specialising in skilled, business and family visas. He also handles Labour Agreement submissions and the AAT appeals against refusals and cancellations. Our clients are migrants, foreign students and employers wishing to recruit and sponsor overseas workers.

Australian visa system offers opportunities to enter Australia permanently or temporarily to study, work, to conduct business activities or for self-funded retirement and for many other reasons.

Australian employers can employ overseas workers using various visa sponsorship schemes. The system is complex and subject to regular change as the visa regulations are often reviewed and changed. One is well advised to use professional help to navigate through the maze of the requirements and also to stay abreast of the regulatory changes.

offer reliable advice resulting from the immigration knowledge gained through many years of extensive experience. If you are looking for a personal and professional service you are at the right place. Please see the services page to choose an option that suits you. 

Andrzej (Andrew) Kurowski – CEO of Australia Bound Migration Company