Skype or Telephone Consultation Services

andrewWherever you are in the world we can meet face to face. There is no better way to answer all your doubts and concerns. I’ll call you at agreed time. Languages: English or Polish. Our fee is $55 for up to 30 minutes

The cost of Skype consultation services online is AUS$55

You may have gathered already some information through your own research but until you verify it with a migration professional you should not act on. You should make it right the first time. Not the second time. I see so many applications where so much money and time could have been saved, with just a little extra care and good advice. If you want to:

  • Apply for a visa
  • Sponsor someone for a visa
  • You have been refused a visa
  • Your visa has been cancelled
  • You have a problem with your sponsor
  • You are unlawful in Australia

You should talk to us by booking a consultation.



Alternatively you can order a Comprehensive Assessment Report