Nowości, zmiany w przepisach wizowych

Dodatkowe Wymagania na NSW Nominacje

For some occupations on the NSW subclass 190 Priority Occupation List now the NSW government introduced the additional requirements for the nomination. 

What is the requirement?

The additional requirement for these occupations are:

  • be currently living in NSW
  • have been employed in NSW for at least one year in your nominated occupation.


Regional Visa Opportunities - List of DAMA Agreements

Regional Visa Opportunities - List of DAMA Agreements

The Designated Area Migration Agreement also referred to as the “DAMA” or “DAMA visa,” is designed to assist employers operating in regional areas who have specific needs to recruit skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers for positions they are unable to fill with Australian workers.

The DAMA can be approved for a larger amount of occupations and may have lower requirements. The migrant workers can be nominated for the temporary working visa TSS or permanent residency visa ENS. Skilled and semi-skilled workers in occupations which are not on the lists for any visa may be able to access skilled Australian migration through the DAMA program.

DAMA might also provide concessions wirh regards to the TSS and ENS  visa requirements. They might include lower level of English, age limit higher than 44 and a lower pay than the required minimum by Immigration (TISMIT)

There are following DAMAs available:

Northern Territory: Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement

The Goldfields, WA: City of Kalgoorlie Boulder

Great South Coast, VIC: Warrnambool City Council

Adelaide City and Regional SA: Immigration South Australia

Orana, NSW: Regional Development Australia - Orana, NSW

Far North Queensland: Cairns Chamber of Commerce DAMA

If you interested in discussing and finding out the opportunities available for you by these schemes, please book consultation be following this link:

Sierpniowa runda zaproszen na wizy 189 i 489

Details of the DHA invitation round conducted on 11 August 2019 is as below:

Number of invitation issued:
Subclass 189 - 100
Subclass 489 - 100

Total number of invitation issued: 200

Cut-off dates
Subclass 189 - 85 - 01/08/2019 
Subclass 190 - 80 - 21/01/2019 


DHA has also released the newsletter for July 2019. It is available here:

If you are waiting for your invitation and you would like to investigate other visa options please contact us here

Druga dodatkowa tymczasowa wiza dla absolwentów w regionalnej Australii.

Razem z wprowadzeniem nowych wiz regionalnych jest także dodatkowa zachęta do studiowania w regionalnej Australii. Posiadacze wiz tymczasowych dla absolwentów mogą być uprawnieni do ubiegania się o kolejny rok, jeśli ukończyli studia w kampusach regionalnych, a następnie spędzili co najmniej dwa lata mieszkając na obszarze regionalnym, więc co razem pozwoli im na trzyletnią wizę z pełnymi uprawnieniami do pracy. Definicja regionalnej Australii do tego celu będzie taka sama jak definicja na nowe wizy regionalne 491 i 494 - cała Australia z wyjątkiem Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane i Gold Coast. Jesli jestes zainteresowany dyskusja na ten temat zamow konsultacje tutaj